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Become A Royalty-Free Music Publisher

Become a royalty-free music publisher and boost your earning power. Content creators like royalty-free music because of the simplicity of single, one-time licensing. It’s most definitely one of the smartest things you can do today. Not just because of one-time licensing, but because of the almost unlimited earning power one track can generate for you. The beauty of developing a royalty-free music catalogue is the ability to instantly attract a wider audience base for your tracks. Think podcasters, video producers, film, video and documentary producers all of whom need specific audio bits rather than a full song for their projects. With royalty-free music, you don’t sell a track (or totally sell your author rights forever), you sell a license to the end-user to use that track for a specific purpose.

You’re not selling the audio, you’re selling the license.

What does this mean exactly? Simply this. For thousands of people, they avoid a legitimate purchase of a audio track because of all the related royalty licenses that are associated with that track. These licenses include P.R.O, Music Copyright and Publishers Rights’ licenses, depending on your country of origin. Someone who buys a track under these circumstances will pay an annual fee. In many cases, these tend to be exorbitant costs. For the independent publisher and content creator, this is just too steep. So either they will illegally download the track, and hope that no one ever gets to know, or they will use a Creative Commons audio track for free. Not that there is anything wrong with CC music,but you will find that such audio tracks are usually not great quality. What’s the option then?

Royalty-Free Music.

It’s affordable, priced just about right to any independent content creator. And the affordable cost of this single track will attract other like-minded content creators who will find that audio track suitable for their work. So, you end up ‘audio track’ via license multiple times resulting in a much greater profit margin per track than you would have gotten if you were to license it with Royalty music bodies. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with royalty music organizations. But how many of you can testify that you got a nice juicy royalty cheque in the recent past? Unless you’re Rihanna, Drake or Bruno Mars, chances are you’re not seeing lots of nice zeros on your cheque. Royalty-free music changes this equation. And the best thing is that you don’t have to wait 12 months to receive that cheque. You get it immediately. Your earnings are unlimited. Like every business venture, it will take a lot of marketing. But eventually, if you faint not, you will be receiving a good cheque for every track you list online. Makes sense? If it does, why don’t you go ahead and set up your Author account with Kipawa Music, upload your royalty-free music catalogue and start earning a decent buck for every track. It only takes seconds to get started. Just click on this link and submit your application. Our Support desk is on hand to help you with setting up your account.

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