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Kipawa Music is consists of music composers, artists and sound engineers. Sign Up today to become part of our global community creating audio solutions for content creators around the world.
Authors: author@kipawamusic.com
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4 Steps to becoming an Author

Set Up An Account

Step 1 is to set up an Author account with Kipawa Music. We call all musicians, audio producers and artists who sign up with Kipawa Music ‘Authors.’ This is because you are the bona fide owner of your royalty-free music catalogue. An Author account is important because it is the only way to upload, manage, organize and monitor your audio item sales including pricing, activity, customer queries, customer browsing interest right from your dashboard. You can also only request payment transfers from your Author account. Once you’ve filled in this application, our Support Department will review your application and notify you when your account is activated. Please note that incomplete applications will be rejected.


Prepare Your Items For Sale

Step 2 is to prepare your audio files for listing. These are the audio files that will be sold to the end-user. Our Help Center gives you the specifications regarding preparation of your audio files. You will also need to upload a 15 second preview audio file. We will insert our watermark to this file. This is what customers will hear on your cart page, NOT the master version. The watermark preview file avoids unauthorized downloading of tracks without prior payment. Only when the customer has completed the transaction do they get secured access to the master download version. There are a number of categories that we list audio files under according to the intended purpose of the end-user e.g ‘Audio for Podcasts’, ‘Audio for Film’, Jingles, Happy/Emotional Music, Corporate Music, etc. You can view the entire list here.

Set Pricing

This is the most important step because it determines your overall success on this platform. Set up affordable pricing for each audio item that will encourage as many purchases as possible. Our recommendation is to set your pricing between $12 – $19.99 per track. We’ve found that this is the optimal sale bracket. Note that the price indicated on the item shopping cart will be inclusive of any applicable taxes and marketplace costs. View them here. When an end-user pays for your item, they get a Royalty-free music license that determines the applicable use of that track. View those licenses here and advise our Support team on which license applies to which track.


Market & Advertise

The final thing to do is market your audio files. Use social media, word of mouth marketing or paid media to promote your listings to stimulate purchase. Please note that to ensure fair play among all Authors, we don’t promote individual Authors – we promote and market the platform. It is your job to promote your individual listings and convert that web traffic to sales using a variety of promotional tactics, campaigns and offers at your disposal. Our Support department can provide more clarity on the ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ of Author Marketing practices. Our Help Center articles provide more insight on this.

Ready To Get Started?

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to open up your Author Account. Click here.

In case you need more information, check out our additional resources via our Help Desk or read through our FAQ’s.