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Kipawa Music is consists of music composers, artists and sound engineers. Sign Up today to become part of our global community creating audio solutions for content creators around the world.
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Welcome To A World Of Opportunity

A world of opportunity like never before awaits for musicians, composers, sound engineers alike. Within minutes, your catalogue of royalty-free music and audio tracks can be readily available to thousands of content creators around the world, all of whom are actively seeking the right musical accompaniment to their digital content projects. Royalty-free music unlocks a world of opportunity. With Kipawa Music, you can earn a fair wage for each royalty-free audio track you upload and sell.

All it takes is an online account with Kipawa Music. Using your personal dashboard, you can upload tracks in a variety of categories, defined according to use, market, sell and promote your audio tracks and keep every penny.

One of the hardest challenges of past years has been earning a favorable wage from your musical talent. Qualifying your true earnings from music royalty companies is still a highly contested issue and up for debate. The better solution, in our minds, is developing a royalty-free music catalogue, setting an affordable price per musical track, selling them every day and keeping all your earnings. An affordable price is the best way to keep content creators coming back for more. That’s the opportunity we provide you with Kipawa Music.

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